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Winter Storm Warning

Statement as of 4:03 PM MST on November 22, 2014

Expires 7:00 PM EST on November 24, 2014

... Winter Storm Warning remains in effect until 5 PM MST Monday...

* timing... snow will continue to develop and become widespread
over the north central mountains by this evening. Snow will
continue through Sunday and Monday... before finally decreasing
by Monday night.

* Snow accumulations... storm totals of 10 to 20 inches with
locally higher amounts up to two feet.

* Wind/visibility... west to northwest winds 20 to 35 mph with
gusts in excess of 50 mph above timberline. Visibilities will
drop to less than one quarter mile during periods of heavier
falling and/or blowing snow. Brief whiteout conditions will be
possible in open areas.

* Impacts... hazardous and slow winter travel conditions will
develop across the Colorado high country late this afternoon
and evening... and then remain in place through Monday. This
includes I-70 from near Georgetown through Summit County and
Vail Pass... as well as Highway 40 over Berthoud Pass and
Rabbit Ears Pass.

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

A Winter Storm Warning for heavy snow means severe winter weather
conditions are expected or occurring. Significant amounts of
snow are forecast that will make travel dangerous. Only travel in
an emergency. If you must travel... keep an extra flashlight...
food... and water in your vehicle in case of an emergency.

Public Information Statement

Statement as of 6:45 PM MST on November 22, 2014

... This week in Metro Denver weather history...

21-23 in 1918... Post-frontal snowfall totaled 5.9 inches in downtown
        Denver. Most of the snow... 5.3 inches... fell on the 22nd.
        North winds were sustained to 20 mph on the 21st.
      In 1931... a major storm dumped a total of 13.2 inches of
        snowfall over downtown Denver. Most of the snow... 11.4
        inches... fell on the 21st. A very cold air mass settled
        over the city after the heavy snow on the 21st. After a
        low temperature of zero... the temperature climbed to a high
        of only 5 degrees on the 22nd... a record low maximum for the
21-25 in 1952... snowfall of 6.2 inches was measured at Stapleton
        Airport where northeast winds gusted to 17 mph on the
22-23 in 1953... strong winds raked Boulder causing 18 thousand
        dollars in damage. Wind gusts to 80 mph were recorded at
        Valmont and estimated to 80 mph at the Boulder Airport.
23 in 1899... a trace of snow fell in the city. This... together
        with a trace of precipitation on the 16th and 21st... was the
        only precipitation of the month... making the month the driest
        on record. The record was equaled in November of 1901 and
        1949. This trace of snow along with a trace of snow on the
        21st was the only snow of the month... ranking the month the
        2nd least snowiest on record. This record was equaled in
        November of 1884... 1901... 1905... 1917... and 1939.
      In 1901... northwest winds were sustained to 45 mph with gusts
        to 53 mph. The Chinook winds warmed the temperature to a
        high of 70 degrees.
      In 1910... west winds were sustained to 42 mph. The Chinook
        winds warmed the temperature to a high of 67 degrees.
      In 1959... west-northwest winds gusted to 56 mph... briefly
        reducing the visibility to 3 miles in blowing dust at
        Stapleton Airport.
      In 1998... winds... estimated as high as 58 mph... caused
        several wood trusses installed in a police station
        under construction in Castle Rock to collapse. A
        construction worker on the roof received minor injuries
        when he was struck by one of the trusses. Southeast
        winds gusted to 38 mph at Denver International Airport.
23-24 in 1992... a pre-Thanksgiving blizzard belted Metro Denver.
        Gusty north to northeast winds at 30 to 40 mph caused
        near-whiteout conditions as visibilities were often below
        1/4 mile. The strong winds drove snow into drifts of more
        than 4 feet. Hundreds of Holiday travelers were stranded
        when airlines canceled flights at Stapleton International
        Airport where snowfall totaled 7.6 inches and north winds
        gusted to 37 mph. Blizzard conditions began around mid-
        morning on the 23rd and ended by mid-afternoon... but heavy
        snow fell through the night. Snowfall totaled: 12 inches
        at Conifer... Morrison... and wheat ridge; 19 inches at
        littleton; 16 inches at Castle rock; 9 inches in brighton;
        8 inches in aurora; and 6 inches in Parker.
      In 1993... a moist upper level disturbance dumped heavy snow
        over most of Colorado. Snowfall amounts averaged 5 to 8
        inches across Metro Denver. Snowfall totaled 4.6 inches
        at Stapleton International Airport where northeast winds
        gusted to only 20 mph on the 23rd. The very cold air
        mass caused the temperature to dip to a record low of 8
        degrees below zero on the 24th. The temperature that day
        climbed to only 9 degrees... also setting a record low
        maximum for the date.
24 in 1915... Chinook winds from the southwest sustained to 40 mph
        with gusts to 46 mph warmed the temperature to a high of
        61 degrees. It was windy most of the day.
      In 1949... the low temperature dipped to 56 degrees... the
        all-time record highest minimum temperature ever recorded
        during the month of November.
      In 1960... violent wind gusts caused some damage in Boulder.
        West winds gusted to only 22 mph at Stapleton Airport.
      In 1980... a snow storm brought 3 to 6 inches of snow across
        Metro Denver. At Stapleton International Airport... only
        2.1 inches of snow fell.
      In 1989... high winds were recorded in Boulder with a gust to
        64 mph. West winds gusted to only 24 mph at Stapleton
        International Airport.
24-25 in 1908... heavy snowfall totaled 7.0 inches over downtown
        Denver overnight. North winds were sustained to 15 mph.
      In 1930 strong winds raked the Front Range eastern foothills.
        Winds gusted to 40 mph at Valmont just east of Boulder
        where minor damage occurred.
      In 1970... strong Chinook winds warmed Boulder. At the
        National center for atmospheric research in Boulder... wind
        gusts reached 97 mph... while in downtown Boulder winds peaked
        to 69 mph. Some minor damage occurred. Northwest winds
        gusted to 39 mph at Stapleton International Airport... and the
        high temperature warmed to 76 degrees on the 25th... setting a
        new record maximum for the date.
25 in 1877... northwest winds were sustained to 50 mph.
      In 1902... northwest winds were sustained to 45 mph with gusts
        to 48 mph. The strong apparent bora winds warmed the
        temperature to a high of only 45 degrees.
      In 1943... snowfall of 4.0 inches was the only measurable snow
        of the month. North winds were sustained to 17 mph.
      In 1958... strong pre-frontal Chinook winds struck Boulder and
        the eastern foothills. A wind gust to 100 mph was recorded
        northwest of Denver. A gust to 88 mph occurred at Rocky
        Flats south of Boulder. The windstorm caused considerable
        structural damage to residential sections of North Metro
      In 1959... strong winds raked the eastern foothills including
        Boulder and Eldorado Springs. Wind gusts to 100 mph were
        estimated at the Matterhorn restaurant located atop Rocky
        Flats south of Boulder.
      In 1993... a wind gust to 99 mph was recorded atop Squaw
        Mountain near Idaho Springs.
      In 1998... strong winds developed over portions of the Front
        Range foothills for a brief time following the passage
        of a weak upper level disturbance. A wind gust to 71 mph
        was measured atop Blue Mountain near Coal Creek Canyon.
      In 1999... strong Chinook winds developed in and near the
        foothills. Peak wind reports included 100 mph at the
        Eldora ski resort and 77 mph at the National center for
        atmospheric research Mesa lab above Boulder. West winds
        gusted to 38 mph at Denver International Airport.
      In 2010... high winds developed in the foothills of Boulder
        County. A gust to 75 mph occurred 5 miles northwest of
        Boulder with a gust to 72 mph at the National center for
        atmospherice research Mesa lab above Boulder. West winds
        gusted to 24 mph at Denver International Airport.
25-26 in 1887... snowfall totaled 2.9 inches in the city. This was
        the only measurable snow of the month. Northeast winds
        were sustained to 18 mph on the 26th when the temperature
        dipped to 12 degrees below zero.
      In 1959... a sharp cold front produced a northwest wind gust
        to 51 mph... followed by snow and falling temperatures from
        a high of 60 degrees to a low of 23 degrees at midnight
        on the 25th. Snowfall totaled 4.4 inches at Stapleton
        Airport before ending early on the 26th.
      In 1972... winds gusted to 104 mph at the Rocky Flats plant
        south of Boulder. Gusts to 70 mph were recorded at the
        National Bureau of standards in Boulder... while in downtown
        Boulder winds peaked to 68 mph. Some damage was reported.
        Northwest winds gusted to 47 mph at Stapleton International
        Airport on the 26th.
      In 1984... blowing snow closed I-70 east of Denver... stranding
        over a thousand travelers in Limon. Denver received only
        2.3 inches of snowfall. North winds gusted to 31 mph at
        Stapleton International Airport.
      In 1999... strong Chinook winds redeveloped overnight in and
        near the foothills. Peak wind gusts included 72 mph atop
        Blue Mountain near Wondervu and at the National center for
        atmospheric research Mesa lab above Boulder.
25-27 in 1978... heavy snowfall of 6.0 inches was measured at
        Stapleton International Airport where north winds gusted
        to 20 mph. Most of the snow... 4.8 inches... fell on the 25th.
        The greatest amount of snow measured on the ground was
        5 inches due to settling and melting.
25-28 in 1952... the average coldest 4-day period in November in the
        previous 81 years of record occurred. Maximum temperatures
        of 19... 15... 21... and 25 degrees were recorded. Minimum
        temperatures were below zero each day with readings of
        7 below... 6 below... 5 below... and 6 below.
25-29 in 1985... dense fog with visibilities as low as 1/8 mile
        occurred on five consecutive days at Stapleton International
        Airport. The fog was at times accompanied by light snow...
        light freezing drizzle... or ice crystals. Fog occurred all
        day on both the 26th and 29th.
26 in 1873... west winds increased to a violent gale at 3:00 am
        and reached a maximum sustained velocity of 56 mph at
        3:15 am. The winds continued with a velocity of not
        less than 40 mph until 6:00 am. Winds continued brisk for
        the remainder of the day. The strong winds caused damage
        to houses and buildings in the city. Temperatures were in
        the 50's through early afternoon with a recorded high of
        59 degrees. Winds also blew strongly in Boulder and caused
        300 dollars in damage.
      In 1911... Post-frontal northeast winds were sustained to
        43 mph with gusts as high as 52 mph. Snowfall was
        only 0.5 inch.
      In 1965... Post-frontal snowfall totaled 5.5 inches at
        Stapleton International Airport where strong west
        winds gusted to 39 mph during the afternoon.
      In 1976... 2 to 4 inches of snow with an Arctic cold front
        produced near zero visibility at times in blowing snow...
        causing multiple automobile accidents in Metro Denver.
        Snowfall totaled 3.5 inches at Stapleton International
        Airport where north winds gusted to 39 mph. Temperatures
        hovered in the teens and lower 20's most of the day
        dipping to 7 degrees by midnight.
      In 1977 a strong wind storm raked Metro Denver. High winds
        blew windows from office towers in Denver and Boulder.
        Thirteen people were injured in Boulder due to flying
        debris. Wind gusts to 119 mph were clocked on Davidson
        Mesa southeast of Boulder... with 109 mph in downtown
        Boulder. Six airplanes were damaged at Jefferson County
        Airport near Broomfield. Winds to 90 mph were reported
        in Lakewood. Glass was blown out of several vehicles in
        Wheat Ridge... and roofs were blown off 4 houses in Arvada.
        Several houses under construction collapsed across Metro
        Denver. Winds to 75 mph were reported at the Denver
        Federal Center with 90 mph at Rocky Flats. West winds
        gusted to 51 mph at Stapleton International Airport.
        Total insured damage from the wind storm was 2.2 million
      In 1987... a Thanksgiving snowstorm brought 5 inches of snow
        to Metro Denver and 6 inches to the foothills. At
        Stapleton International Airport... snowfall totaled 5.0
        inches... north winds gusted to 22 mph... and temperatures
        hovered in the upper 20's most of the day.
      In 1991... strong winds were recorded in and near the eastern
        foothills. Winds at Rollinsville were clocked to 70 mph
        with 45 mph recorded in Boulder and 51 mph at the U.S.
        Atomic energy commission Rocky Flats plant. West winds
        gusted to only 28 mph at Stapleton International Airport.
26-27 in 1876... heavy snowfall totaled 9.0 inches over the city
        from 5:00 PM on the 26th through 5:00 p.M. On the 27th.
        Precipitation was 0.30 inch on the 25th and 0.60 inch
        on the 27th.
      In 1919... an incursion of cold Arctic air produced snowfall
        of 4.6 inches over downtown Denver. Temperatures dipped
        to 5 degrees below zero on the evening of the 26th and
        recovered to a high of only 1 degree below zero on the
        27th... the all-time record low maximum for the month of
        November and the record for the date. Northwest winds
        were sustained to 25 mph with gusts to 26 mph on the 26th.
      In 1923... snowfall of 2.0 inches was the only snow of the
        month. North winds were sustained to 22 mph on the 26th.
      In 1972... heavy snowfall totaled 7.5 inches at Stapleton
        International Airport where north winds gusted to only
        18 mph on the 27th.
      In 1983... a Thanksgiving blizzard dumped 21.5 inches of
        snowfall in 37 hours with a maximum of 18 inches on the
        ground at Stapleton International Airport. The storm
        produced howling winds... which paralyzed Thanksgiving
        weekend transportation across all of eastern Colorado.
        On the 27th... Stapleton International Airport closed...
        opening 24 hours later. Interstate highways were closed
        in all directions... but west... from Denver. At Stapleton
        International Airport... north winds gusted to 36 mph on the
        26th and to 29 mph on the 27th. However... most wind speeds
        across Metro Denver were 15 to 30 mph. Temperatures
        hovered in the teens and lower 20's. Many stores and
        businesses closed. Several High School football games
        were postponed. Across Metro Denver... snow depth varied
        from 15 inches in Commerce City to 28 inches near
        Chatfield Reservoir. Snow removal in Denver was
        estimated at 1.5 million dollars. Following the storm...
        an inch or more of snow remained on the ground for 63
        consecutive days through January 27... 1984. This is the
        longest period of continuous snow cover ever recorded in
      In 1990... an early winter storm deposited 2 to 8 inches of
        wet snow across Metro Denver. Snowfall totaled 3.4 inches
        at Stapleton International Airport where northeast winds
        gusted to 30 mph on the 26th.
      In 1993... strong winds swept off the foothills across Metro
        Denver. Sustained winds of 30 to 50 mph were common across
        the area. Wind gusts to 67 mph were recorded atop Squaw
        Mountain near Idaho Springs. West winds gusted to 36 mph
        at Stapleton International Airport on the 26th. The strong
        winds produced some blowing snow... reducing the visibility
        to less than one mile at times.
      In 1995... snowfall totaled 3.7 inches at the former Stapleton
        International Airport site. The foothills west of Denver
        received 4 to 7 inches of snow. North-northeast winds
        gusted to 34 mph at Denver International Airport on the
27 in 1965... strong winds buffeted Boulder... causing 11 thousand
        dollars in damage. Wind gusts to 75 mph were recorded
        downtown. West winds gusted to 38 mph at Stapleton
        International Airport.
      In 1994... winds gusted to 87 mph atop Squaw Mountain... 5 miles
        south of Idaho Springs... and to 84 mph on Fritz Peak near
        Rollinsville in the foothills southwest of Boulder.
        Northwest winds gusted to 40 mph at Stapleton International
28 in 1884... a windstorm during the afternoon produced northwest
        sustained winds to 46 mph. Two wooden slats were blown
        out of the weather instrument shelter... and nearly all of
        the slats on the north and west sides were loosened.
      In 1898... northwest winds were sustained to 50 mph with
        gusts as high as 80 mph.
      In 1902... northwest winds were sustained to 40 mph with gusts
        to 48 mph. The strong apparent bora winds warmed the
        temperature to a high of only 40 degrees.
      In 1904... northwest winds sustained to 44 mph with gusts to
        58 mph warmed the temperature to a high of 58 degrees.
      In 1927... strong west winds occurred in Boulder... causing
        widespread minor damage. A wind gust to 65 mph was
        recorded at Valmont east of Boulder. The west winds
        possibly produced a cyclonic Twist.
      In 1928... heavy snowfall totaled 7.0 inches over downtown
      In 1957... a vigorous cold front produced north-northeast wind
        gusts to 54 mph at Stapleton Airport. Light snow following
        the front totaled only 0.2 inch.
      In 1970... strong Chinook winds reached 77 mph in downtown
      In 1978... wind gusts 60 to 90 mph were reported in and near
        the foothills.
      In 1984... high winds of 60 to 80 mph occurred along the Front
        Range eastern foothills. In Boulder... the high winds blew
        the roof off a service station. Several trees were felled...
        damaging some cars. An elderly woman was injured when she
        was knocked down by a wind gust and blown 20 feet into some
        bushes. Northwest winds gusted to 36 mph at Stapleton
        International Airport.
      In 1994... winds gusted to 72 mph in Boulder. No damage was
        reported. Northwest winds gusted to 35 mph at Stapleton
        International Airport.
28-29 in 1908... heavy snowfall overnight and for most of the day
        on the 29th totaled 12.5 inches. Precipitation was
        1.09 inches. Northwest winds were sustained to 26 mph
        on the 29th.
      In 1928... a major storm dumped 15.5 inches of snowfall on
        downtown Denver. North winds were sustained to 18 mph
        with gusts to 19 mph on the 28th.
      In 1992... an upper level storm system moved across Metro
        Denver... but left only a dusting of snow. Snowfall totaled
        only 1.6 inches at Stapleton International Airport where
        north winds gusted to 25 mph. Other snow amounts included:
        8 inches at Conifer... 6 inches at Lake Eldora... 3 inches at
        Rollinsville and in southeast Denver.
      In 1997... a storm system tracking across northern New Mexico
        produced strong north to northeast upslope flow against
        the eastern slopes of the Front Range and Palmer Ridge.
        Snowfall totals in Jefferson County included: 14 inches
        near deckers; 12 inches at Castle Rock and sedalia; 10
        inches near Conifer... 11 miles southwest of Morrison... and
        at Buffalo Creek. Elsewhere... snow accumulations were less.
        Snowfall totaled only 0.7 inch at the site of the former
        Stapleton International Airport on the 27th and 28th.
      In 2004... heavy snow fell in the foothills and across Metro
        Denver. In the foothills... snowfall totals included: 13
        inches at Roxborough State Park and Eldorado Springs...
        11.5 inches near Conifer... 11.0 inches near Nederland... and
        10 inches near Indian HIlls. Across Metro Denver snowfall
        totaled 14 inches near Sedalia... 9 inches near Louisville...
        8 inches at Ralston Reservoir... and 5.1 inches in the
        Stapleton area of Denver. Northeast winds gusted to 28
        mph at Denver International Airport on the 28th.
      In 2006... a slow moving storm system brough heavy snow to
        the mountains and to the eastern foothills where snowfall
        ranged from 8 to 18 inches. Some of the more impressive
        snow totals included: 18 inches at Genesee... 17.5 inches
        near Boulder... 17 inches at Aspen Springs... 16.5 inches 10

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