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Statement as of 2:59 AM MDT on July 30, 2015

... Today in Metro Denver weather history...

13-5 in 2008... a streak of 24 consecutive days of 90 degrees
        shattered the previous record of 18 consecutive days
        established in 1901 and 1874. Ironically... no new single
        day record high temperatures were set in the month of July.
        In August however... a record of 104 degrees was set on the
        1st... and another record of 103 degrees was set on the 2nd.
        In addition... a record low min of 70 degrees was set on
        August 2nd.
18-2 in 1987... a streak of 16 consecutive days of 90 degrees
        ranked 4th on the list of hot streaks. The record of
        24 consecutive days was established in the Summer of
27-31 in 1956... 96 percent of the total precipitation for the month
        of July occurred over the last five days of the month.
        Heavy thunderstorms produced 4.00 inches of rainfall at
        Stapleton Airport. This amount of precipitation in 5 days
        or less had been exceeded only 3 times in previous record.
        The last time had been in December of 1913 as snow.
        Considerable property damage occurred across Metro Denver
        from flooding.
28-30 in 1889... dense smoke from Forest fires in the mountains
        obscured the sun over the city for three days.
      In 1971... a vigorous cold front late on the 28th produced
        northeast wind gusts to 39 mph and record breaking cold
        temperatures on the 29th and 30th. The temperature dipped
        to 47 degrees on the 29th and 43 degrees on the 30th...
        setting record minimums for the dates. Upslope cloudiness
        along with rain and fog early on the 29th helped set a
        record low maximum temperature of 58 degrees for the date.
29-30 in 1997... heavy rain caused flooding and flash flooding in
        central portions of Adams and Arapahoe counties. Two
        homes were extensively damaged when water flooded the
        basements and adjacent pasture area in Strasburg. Water
        4 to 5 feet deep had pooled in the lower lying areas of
        the town. A portion of Quincy Road was closed in Arapahoe
        County when 4 feet of water covered the roadway.
        Rainfall totaled 3.06 inches at Denver International
        Airport... establishing a new record for 24-hour rainfall
        in July. The previous record was 2.42 inches set in 1965
        on the 24th and 25th.
30 in 1879... lightning struck a brick Kiln in north Denver.
        Three men were knocked senseless... but all recovered.
        Rainfall in the city was only 0.09 inch.
      In 1881... a thunderstorm dumped heavy rain and hail on the
        city... causing street flooding and much damage. A heavy
        torrent of rain fell with 1.10 inches measured in just
        20 minutes. Storm total rainfall was 1.60 inches. The
        rain turned streets into running streams. Wood street
        crossings were torn up and washed away. The storm caused
        great damage by flooding many cellars where goods were
        stored. The brick yards suffered severe damage when
        the heavy rainfall destroyed many unfired bricks.
      In 1913... northeast winds were sustained to 41 mph with gusts
        to 48 mph.
      In 1939... a thunderstorm produced 0.08 inch of rainfall. This
        was the only measurable precipitation of the month... making
        the month the second driest July on record.
      In 1961... heavy rain and lightning disrupted power lines and
        caused flooding in Denver. Thunderstorm rains totaled 1.60
        inches at 11th and Lincoln in central Denver.
      In 1972... the temperature climbed to a high of 100 degrees at
         Stapleton International Airport.
      In 1983... hail 3/4 to 1 inch in diameter fell in central and
        southeast Denver and in Littleton. Rainfall of 1.50 inches
        occurred in just 30 minutes in Littleton. There was some
        street flooding in both cities with wind gusts up to 55
      In 1984... central Aurora was hit by a downpour that produced
        1.80 inches of rain and sent water 2 to 3 feet deep into
        some streets. Before the rain stopped later in the evening...
        the storm had dropped as much as 2.80 inches of moisture on
        the city. Thunderstorm rainfall totaled only 0.82 inch at
        Stapleton International Airport.
      In 1985... a tornado was spotted in open country 10 miles
        southwest of Bennett. No damage was reported. One inch
        hail was reported in South Lakewood.
      In 1997... one man was killed and his girlfriend critically
        injured when they were struck by lightning on the Kennedy
        Golf course in southeast Denver. Both were struck in the
        head when they took Refuge under a tree during a downpour.
        Lightning struck a home in unincorporated Arapahoe County
        east of Buckley field. The fire started in the electrical
        panel boxes... causing extensive damage to the home. Heavy
        rain and hail triggered a flash flood in Boulder... which
        sent water through a window of the financial aid office
        on the University of Colorado Campus. In addition... ceiling
        tiles... carpets... and dressing rooms were damaged at the coors
        events center when a pipe draining rainwater broke during
        the downpour. In all... 10 buildings on the Campus received
        water damage estimated at 100 thousand dollars. Hail as
        large as 1.25 inches in diameter accompanied the heavy
        rain in Boulder. Thunderstorm rainfall totaled 2.71 inches
        at Denver International Airport where west winds gusted
        to 41 mph. This was the greatest calendar day official
        precipitation ever recorded in July.
      In 1998... heavy rain... up to 3 inches in an hour... caused flash
        flooding problems from Castle Rock to Parker. I-25 north
        of Castle Rock was closed as high waters covered sections
        of the Highway. Some cars were left floating in the flood
      In 2001... a severe thunderstorm produced a wind gust to 70
        mph at a wind sensor on the northeast corner of Denver
        International Airport.
      In 2004... a severe thunderstorm produced wind gusts to 71 mph
        in Evergreen.
      In 2005... the temperature climbed to a high of 101 degrees
        at Denver International Airport. This was a new record
        maximum temperature for the date. In addition... this was
        the 7th day of the month with a high temperature of 100
        degrees or more... which set a new Denver record for the most
        100 degree days in a month... for a season... and in a year.

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