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Record Report

Statement as of 3:59 AM EDT on June 24, 2016

...Record Daily Precipitation Set At Columbus Oh Today...

A total of 2.75 inches of rain fell today at the Port Columbus
International Airport. This breaks the old record precipitation for
this date of 2.30 inches set in 1901.

Public Information Statement

Statement as of 5:15 PM EDT on June 24, 2016

... Tornado confirmed from near Waynesville to Wilmington in
Warren and Clinton counties in Ohio...

Location... Waynesville to Wilmington in Warren and Clinton
counties in Ohio

Date... June 23, 2016
estimated time... 303 am EDT to 321 am EDT
maximum ef-scale rating... EF1
estimated maximum wind speed... 105 mph
maximum path width... 250 yards
path length... 20.70 miles
beginning lat/Lon... 39.534628 N /84.114072 W
ending lat/Lon... 39.367044 N / 83.792961 W
* fatalities... 0
* injuries... 0

* the information in this statement is preliminary and subject to
change pending final review of the event and publication in NWS
storm data.

... Summary...
the National Weather Service in Wilmington, Ohio has confirmed a
tornado from near Waynesville to Wilmington in Warren and Clinton
counties in Ohio on June 22, 2016. Previous public information
statements had listed this as separate tornadoes, however
additional information has led to the conclusion that a single
tornado occurred from near Waynesville to near Wilmington.
Although there were subtle indications that the tornado may have
lifted at times during the path, any indications of this are short

The tornado first touched down at a campground on State Route 73
near Waynesville. Trees were snapped, platform tents were damaged,
mattresses were thrown, and there was evidence of a tornadic
circulation in the grass. Evidence of the path continued southeast
across U.S. Route 42 south of Waynesville with snapped trees.
Barn damage occurred at a residence off of north Clarksville Road.
Large sections of metal roofing were uplifted. Barn doors also
were blown in. Trees were snapped and were facing in a convergent
pattern. Tree damage continued on further down north Clarksville
Road. Additional trees were snapped near Caesar Creek Lake south
of Harveysburg and also on Harveysburg Road.

Southeast of Interstate 71 on Doster Road two homes sustained
damage. There was loss of roofing material and also the winds had
made one side of the house bulge outwards. Debris splatter was
present on several sides of a home. Trees were uprooted and
snapped in this area. The brick wall of a barn collapsed. Sections
of roof were uplifted from barns.

Further southeast tree damage occurred along Hadley Road and south
Clarksville Road. In the Ogden area off of Ogden Road, several
trees were snapped. A tree also fell on a home in this area. There
was again evidence of a tornadic signature with Leaf debris on all
sides of a barn.

Trees and power lines were down along the path on linkhart Road.
Off of State Route 730 damage occurred to Mobile homes. There
were several trees snapped in this area and an uprooted tree. In
addition, there was a convenience store that sustained loss of
roofing materials with only some of the wooden beams remaining on
part of the structure. Insulation was plastered to all sides of
the building. A house lost portions of the metal roof in this
vicinity. Damage to siding occurred on a barn.

Multiple homes sustained damaged on mcguinn Road. One home had
extensive siding damage and partial loss of a wall. The roof also
sustained damage at this house. Insulation was plastered against
several sides of the building. A small shed was destroyed. Debris
was tossed into a nearby field. The foundation of one garage was
shifted slightly. The garage door was pushed in at a residence and
there was also collapse of the attached garage. Two of the three
sides of the garage were gone with the garage door pushed in and
collapsed on a third side. There were some subtle indications
that damage continued into the crops in the field. A large shed
lost half of the roof in this area. Fence damage occurred to a
nearby property.

Trees and power poles were damaged along U.S. Route 68 south of
Wilmington. Tree damage continued on east Dalton Road, Cuba Road,
Ireland Road, and Berlin Road. Also on Berlin Road a house lost a
portion of the roof and a garage door was pushed inward. Damage
occurred to another home on Leslie drive. There was partial loss
of the roof and insulation was plastered against the house on all
sides. On Brown Road a tree was uprooted and part of the roof of a
barn was uplifted.

On State Route 134 a shed was blown and tossed off of the
foundation. Items from this location were tossed far into a field. At
another residence there was evidence of tornadic circulation in
the grass. Multiple barns sustained damage including damage to
the roofs and walls. Silos were also tossed into a field. The
house had glass that was broken sticking into an interior wall of
the house. Damage was sustained to part of the roof. Trees were
also snapped at this location.

At the end of the path off of Crouse Road a barn was destroyed and a
silo was damaged. Tree damage was observed in a field.

This information can also be found on our website at

For reference... the Enhanced Fujita scale classifies tornadoes
into the following categories:

EF0... wind speeds 65 to 85 mph.
EF1... wind speeds 86 to 110 mph.
EF2... wind speeds 111 to 135 mph.
EF3... wind speeds 136 to 165 mph.
EF4... wind speeds 166 to 200 mph.
EF5... wind speeds greater than 200 mph.

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